As the world’s population is heading rapidly towards an aging sign, new medical development is a must to give the human race a better life expectancy. In the quest of these developments, bring forth the need for us to understand the medical boundaries set by different country regulations.

Apart from this, there is a growing trend that manufacturers and consumers are getting more Environmentally conscious over what they produce and buy respectively. Products that are deemed to be more Environmental friendly would have an advantage over the others.

The Gateway to Your Certification Needs

ACE Bureau’s goal is to help our valued clients attain the Environmental Friendly image by overseeing product Environmental testing and certification to target countries as required. On top of this, we also have the expertise to perform Product “Type Approval” for EMC, Safety and Wireless to more than 200 countries.

Currently, headquartered in Singapore, our strategic geographical position has enabled us to work closely with our accredited laboratories around the world, providing you the most up-to-date regulatory requirements and cost-effective compliance management services.

All our appointed laboratories are well-equipped with the state of the art methodology and skilled staff. Our extensive network comprises of Government certification bodies and laboratories in which only a few would enjoy this privilege. We hope to bring forth our differential advantage to You!

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