Green Environmental


  1. Energy Efficiency - EuP (Energy Using Product)

    The essence ingredient to combat climate changes and reduce consumers' electrical bill is to build an Energy Efficient product. In other words, one of the governing factors for consumers prior making a product purchase would be  determined by the EuP result or Energy certifications achieved for the product.
    In some regions, Energy efficiency marking is mandatory prior importation and is a consideration factor prior Government purchase program (Tenders). Let Ace Bureau lead you to obtain the Energy Efficiency certificates to your country of desire.

  2. Toxicity - RoHs (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

    Since hazardous substances pollute landfills plus increase occupational exposure and cost during manufacturing and recycling. More and more countries are setting up a Regulatory restriction requirement on the Toxic limit in products. Ace Bureau with her extensive network is able to help you test and obtain the RoHs certificates to your targeted countries.

  3. Recyclability - WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment)

    The sole purpose of E-Waste collection scheme is to segregate the Toxic from re-useable and recyclable waste so as to reduce the overall waste. Many countries are setting E-Waste collection targets and holding manufacturers liable for it.  Some countries are implementing visible fees in a form of levy to be paid upfront prior importing specific products in which the local municipal council is liable for the collection.
    To promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), some manufacturer would setup some additional collection schemes to create an awareness to the public. Ace Bureau is able to provide hassle-free solutions and advise WEEE schemes that are either currently lacking or inefficient to our clients.

  4. Product and Package marking

    After the hardwork of designing an Avant-garde product. The product needs to be properly labelled to send the signal to consumers and government market surveillance team of the type of mandatory or voluntary certifications held.
    Consumers may decide purchase based on the number of certifications held. Regulatory bodies may stop ship a product that is not correctly labelled since there are specific labeling requirements for different regions. Let Ace Bureau be your guide for a better labelling experience.

  5. Eco-labelling Certification

    As consumers are being more and more conscious about the environment. Products that display a higher degree of sustainability in terms of the Eco- guidelines as prescribed by the local Environmental bodies tend to be favoured.  For this reason, manufacturers are constantly challenging themselves to create a more Environmental friendly product. Ace Bureau is the one –stop location to get the Worldwide Eco-certifications for your products.

  6. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances)

    As the regulation to protect the human health and the environment through earlier identification of intrinsic properties of chemical substances arises. The REACH program has been developed to address this plus improve innovation and competitiveness of the chemical industry.
    As more and more substances are added to the REACH list periodically, manufacturers and importers are required to gather information on the chemical used in their products so as to allow safe handling.  Ace Bureau can be your one-stop location for your REACH needs.